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"Justin is one of the most advanced performance specialists in the country due to his ability to reboot / stabilize the nervous system, immediately lengthen tight muscles, improve ROM and posture. His plethora of knowledge and ability to change the lives of others makes him an asset to anyone who crosses his path."  

                                 Jack Mantione MSPT, DPT, QNPC, CSCS

"Thanks for keeping me long, stable and coordinated. This program has facilitated in me winning year after year on the PGA. I have elevated and sustained my performance to the highest level. I highly recommend it to any amateur or professional athlete or team. It is the best program I have found throughout my entire career." 

John Cook, PGA Champions Tour

Justin Frandson has tremendous skill sets taking clients beyond where they think they can go to what we call ‘Super Human’. Make sure to see him for his amazing techniques.

Dr. Howard Cohn, D.C., Cohn Health Institute


Nerve HEALTH, Rid Pain and  Increase STability 

We focus on Nerve Health and Pain Release. This entails stabilizing an individual quicker than ever and re-establishing nerve connections that were once compromised. Jump 2" higher in 2 minutes!

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