The millimeter waves of 5G is on its way to your city. Fortunately, we have solutions to co-exist with man-made EMF. We have amazing solutions to harmonize the vibration at EMFRocks.com. We just added a faraday bag of special EMF repelling crystals, the creates a faraday cage around you and your home or office, thus protecting you from the radiation of radio frequencies.

We also provide a service to go to your home with three meters and read the levels of the invisible pollution. Electricity, dirty electricity and radio frequency are all polarizing to our health. Testing and providing these solutions will be the best decision you made for your health.


Justin has been growing his clients and made time to produce his GoBeyondSummit.com. Since our last update, he has interviewed about 20 more doctors for his summit. Dr. Cohn and Justin just interrupted their Whole Body Whole Brain Summit to do a EMF Radiation and Electricity Pollution Summit in June. 

Justin recognized that man-made EMF is the #1 stressor on our bodies. When we can rid our bodies of these stressors, we can first heal and then perform at our best. He brought in incredible sponsors. EMFRocks.com sells EMF Solutions that harmonize the vibration of electricity, magnetic frequencies, dirty electricity and radio frequencies. These products are incredible and it is something that everyone should have to protect themselves. Go to: EMFRocks.com to purchase your products. When you want to test your home in the Southern California area, let us know.

Dr. Zach Bush, MD

Justin interviewed Dr. Zach Bush, MD for his Go Beyond online summit on going Beyond Recovery. Dr. Bush was a keynote speaker on the GMO's Revealed. He spoke on gut health and how important it is in recovery. He has an amazing product called, Restore, that fends off the negative effects of glyphosate (Round Up pesticide) that is ever so present in our food. Go to GoBeyondSummit.com to hear his talk air Dec. 8&9. There is only one word to describe it... Riveting!

Athleticism has a New Location...Newport Spine and Sport

Originally founded by the Legendary Dr. Tim Brown, D.C., Newport Spine and Sport has become one of the most recognized and long-standing Chiropractic clinics in Southern California. Dr. Tim Brown left the clinic years ago to grow his Intelliskin.net posture apparel company. He left it in great hands. Dr. John Pecora, D.C., Dr. Garret Anderson, D.C. and Dr. Steve Dreyer, D.C. occupied the space. Now, Dr. Steve Dreyer, remains in the clinic, having been there over 20 of the 24 years of operation.

Dr. Dreyer invited Justin Frandson, Founder of Athleticism to join the elite ranks of the industries best and bring Athleticism into Newport Spine and Sport. 

"Newport Spine and Sport is more than a Chiropractic facility, it is a facility with the industries best cultivating Vitality for all our clients/patients. Justin brings an expertise that very few have in working with the nerves, stretching and his unique ambidexterity work with amateur and professional athletes."   Dr. Steve Dreyer, D.C.

This facility has plenty of functional space to do foundation work and all the nerve, stability, posture, lymph and stretching treatments. Plus, you will have access to one of the most respected Chiropractors in Newport Beach.

You will find an array of amazing products including EMF clearing solutions, Neuro Technology, Supplements and more. Keep an eye out for our holiday 'Gift Guide'. Please stop in for our 'Wednesday Wellness' Free introduction to our work, every Wednesday at 7pm. Bring a friend as you will want someone with you to share how incredible the experience is on your way home.

Thank you for being so supportive and allowing us to share our healing gifts and knowledge with you. It truly is our passion, honor and privilege. 

Infinite Love & Gratitude!


Go Beyond Summit / Beyond Stress

We now have hosted over 50 speakers. This weekend we will add 6 more to the list. 

Dr. Howard Cohn, D.C., Dr. Darren Weissman, D.C., Dr. Nicole Krakora, D.C., Jason Hanck (Qi Gong), Keith Moore (Super Good Stuff) and Justin Frandson (Athleticism) will all speak on Going Beyond Stress. It is an incredible panel and the FREE information is Beyond! 

This is one not to miss. If you do miss it, you can always purchase it and our Beyond Stress course with even more information and expert/doctor tips on Going Beyond Stress. We keep bringing the best in the business to you for FREE, so please Go Beyond with us this Friday and Saturday September 8 & 9th!

Go Beyond Summit

If you have not already gone to GoBeyondSummit.com and registered for the live summits, please do so now. We hosted 34 speakers including Doctors, Industry Experts, Athletes and Coaches. They cover the inside trade secrets of going beyond in their life and taking their clients and patients beyond. These speakers and their products/services transform lives. 

GoBeyondSummit.com is your one stop shop for wellness information and a seamless resource for improving your health and performance. Also check out DoingPh.com, which is Dr. Howard Cohn's company. His supplements are plant based and clean as it gets. His 'Recovery' has hydrogen in it, one of the missing elements for health, energy and ridding pain. There is an endless list of products you and your family have only dreamed of finding. The value we have provided for you is unbelievable. Go Beyond!

Fast Natural Heartburn Relief

Most often I hear of the 'puke index' where the individual will over exert themselves and get an over acidic gut. The buffers in the body are not able to neutralize the acidity quick enough and the person will need to rid the acid quickly through vomiting. Over the years I also hear of people having heartburn after workouts. A shot of Apple Cider Vinegar can balance your ph level, but that is not alway on hand, nor does it taste good. 

AxiaEssentials.com has Axia3 (antacid) and Axia4 (a ProDigestive Daily Enzyme) for instant natural relief. They are chewable, mint flavored and work fast. Check it out!


Are you fueling your body on sugar. If so, it is the same as fueling a fire with paper. You have to keep feeding it. That is a not sustainable energy source. BlissIntake.com is a food pairing guide to burn fat (not sugar) as a primary fuel source. It cost $27 and is the most effective weight loss, energy and longevity program available. Go to www.BlissIntake.com to purchase the program.

Athleticism News

Congratulations to Pedram Shojai on his 2nd book launch, The Urban Monk. Pedram mentions athleticism.com in his first book Rise and Shine. Justin was in his first documentary movie, Vitality and sat on his first panel. Last night the panel included experts Dr. Mark Hyman and other authors. Go to well.org to order his latest book and join his network brining vitality to all. Pedram is a talented acupuncturist, author, producer and Qi Gong Master.