When an athlete or individual is not stabilized, they will never perform to their best and they are more likely to get hurt. Athleticism offers the ONLY Seminar available to teach Industry Experts, Coaches, Doctors, Athletes, Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists, Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists, Parents and Kinesiotherapists, How To Stabilize an Athlete Instantly!

What is stability? Here is an easy example…When you ask someone to raise their elbow up and hold strong. If you can push their arm back down to their side with ease or there is any delay in the responsiveness of the deltoid, that is Lack of Stability. Our seminar will teach you how to get instant stability that quantifies as about 20% more strength instantly.

What areas do we teach you how to stabilize?

  1. The Motor Nerves of the Lower Body

  2. The Motor Nerves of the Upper Body

  3. Introduction to Light Therapy

  4. Joint Stability of Hips and Neck

Learn what the PROS do to go to the next level.



Stability Agenda For The Day:

7:30am Register

8:15am Introduction

8:30am Motor Nerves - Lower Body Anatomy Of Treatment & Stability

Testing Nerve Responses

Anterior Tibialis, Posterior Tibialis, Peroneus, Quad

10:30am Break

10:45am Motor Nerves - Treating Stability Continued

Psoas, Glute and Hamstring

12:30pm Lunch

1:30pm Motor Nerves - Upper Body Anatomy Of Treatment & Stability

Deltoid, Traps, Infraspinatus, SubClavious, SubScap, Elbow, Serratus and Pectoral

3:30pm Break

3:45pm Neck Stability & Lateral Stability With Weights

4:45pm Introduction to Light Therapy

5:15pm Conclude Seminar

Come see how to make an athlete / individual about 20% Stronger instantly!

You will learn Manual Techniques, how to use Light Therapy, how to muscle test and Stabilize someone faster than ever.

WHEN: To Be Determined…2019

LOCATION: Stub Hub Center, Carson, California

COST: $99

REGISTER: Email Justin Frandson to be put on the list for the next seminar.

QUESTIONS: Justin@Athleticism.com

There are No Refunds for registering and missing the event. You must register in advance. They have a strict entrance policy and we have to provide your name, to front gate at StubHub or they will not let you in.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.There are no CEUs offered, just pure learning.