Since 1998, we have led the effort in Human Performance through working at the deepest level of the body, building up nerve health and energy systems. It all starts with Stability, Range of Motion and a proper Foundation. Our ATHLETICISM Neuro Stacking gets you there quicker than ever. We simply get winning results instantly!

Do you have pain? Do you want to elevate your performance? Do you have an injury that won't go away? Do you want to run faster or jump higher instantly? Do you want to increase your Range of Motion? Do you want sustainable results fast? Have you plateaued out on your Rehab and training?

"In my recovery from a neck injury I received various treatments 3 days a week (trigger point therapy, fascia release, massage and chiropractic).  I had only made small and temporary gains, still having pronounced weakness and pain. After a month I finally got the chance to see Justin, and the results were nothing short of miraculous.  I was out sea kayaking the next day and did my aerial acrobatics class a few days later with no pain and excellent form. He has helped me increase my proprioception and strength, which are both keys in my passion of aerial acrobatics. 

I highly recommend Justin for anyone in need of recovery from injury or who just wants to improve their performance in any sport that they choose. His work is amazing." 

            Amy Herrera, L.Ac.

Go Beyond with us! We garner instant results no matter what level you start. We facilitated in taking John Mallinger up 90 spots to 60th in the world on the PGA Tour in one season. Pepperdine Men's Tennis from #19 to #4 in the nation. Jordy Smith to #2 in the world. The list is long, with endless results. What treatments do we offer? We do Sports Performance and Rehabilitation through the nerves.

  • Pain Release Techniques

  • Nerve Restoration

  • A.I. Stretching/Muscle Lengthening

  • Stability

  • Spatial / Vision / Eye Speed

Have you ever had targeted Light Therapy or Photobiomodulation? We use light as one of our tools.

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Our program is built on performance. We develop a foundation and bridge the gap to high level performance. You will have access to: 

  • Strengthening (Olympic Lifting & Kettle Bells)

  • Speed, Jump & Coordination Development

  • Ambidexterity programs

  • Eye Speed, Recognition and Concentration

  • ACL Injury Prevention and Recovery

  • Concussion Recovery (Cranial/Sensory Nerve Work)

  • Corporate Performance (Creative, Alert, Aware)

Visit to see the caliber of industry doctors and experts that we have worked with over the past 20+ years.

Justin Frandson is the Founder of He is one of the most respected, nationally certified, Health/Performance Coaches in the country. His career started over 20+ years ago at Scripps Clinic, La Jolla, CA. This seasoned industry experience and learning has exposed him to many of the greatest systems in human performance. Justin graduated from the University of Southern California (USC) in 1994. He holds a Bachelors of Science Degree from the School of Business (Entrepreneur) and studied Exercise Science as Minor. He also was a certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) from UCLA in 1994. He is an Aaron Mattes Active Isolated Stretching Therapist (AIS). He is certified in the Gonzalez Muscle Reset Technique (GMRT). He is an Athleticism Performance Coach (APC), once nationally accredited through Nazarene University. He completed three intensive levels of John Iams, P.T., Primal Reflex Release Techniques (PRRT) courses. He is well versed in The LifeLine Technique. He is Certified in CPR, First Aid and AED. He is ACSM Nationally Certified as a, CPT. He was featured in the Documentary Movie 'Vitality'. He was invited to be on the Health & Fitness Team. He is a Certified EMF Solutions Provider. He is an expert in Nerve Health. He can stabilize an individual instantly and get rid of that injury state, especially when it won’t go away.

Justin has been deemed many things over his career by Doctors and experts; Neuro Reflex Consultant, Coordination Mentor, Olympic Lifting Coach, Speed Coach, Jump Coach, Biomechanics Expert, EMF Expert and more. His focus now is stabilizing an individual faster than ever and getting rid of injuries, discomfort and stiffness in record time...all through Nerve Health and his ATHLETiCiSM Neuro Stacking programs. His STABILITY Seminars are a MUST attend for all.

Our Mission

We strive to help more people than ever, by facilitating them to be stable, pain free, functionally powerful, aware, creative and connected, performing at the highest possible level in their chosen endeavors.

We want to optimize your Nerve Health, ROM, Energy, Power and Performance faster than ever either in person or via books and seminars. 

"Justin Frandson has a passion for learning. It's his caring, gentle nature to achieve the best results for the client. I Highly recommend Justin and his Caring nature and intuition of Healing."

 Joel Crandall- Kinesiotherapist, Founder of Voila Method

These (Justin’s) concepts and methods are far ahead of its time. Justin is not only a expert in health and fitness, but a Coordination Mentor.
— John Iams, P.T., PRRT Founder

Who have we facilitateD...the short list

  • John Cook, PGA Champions Tour

  • Matt Fuerbringer, AVP

  • John Mallinger, PGA

  • Adrian Gonzalez. MLB

  • Jordy Smith, WSL

  • Lorenzo Neal, NFL (SD Chargers, Pro Bowler)

  • Timmy Reyes, ASP

  • Arto Saari, Pro Street Skateboarder

  • Cory Lopez, ASP

  • Dustin Penner, NHL

  • Jamie Sterling, Pro Big Wave Surfer

  • Reef MacIntosh, Pro Surfer

  • Roy Powers, ASP

  • Abi Spears, WTA (Dean Brittenham's prodigy)

  • Todd Morcom, Pro Big Wave Surfer

  • Pepperdine University Men's Varsity Tennis

  • SD Padres, MLB

  • New York Knicks, NBA

  • O'Neill Surf Team Riders

  • Newport Harbor H.S. Girl's Varsity Volleyball

  • Corona del Mar H.S., Boy's Varsity Volleyball

  • Santa Margarita H.S., Girl's Varsity Volleyball

  • Laguna Beach H.S., Boy's Varsity Volleyball

  • El Camino H.S., Boy's Varsity Basketball

  • Long Beach Poly H.S. Girl's Volleyball

  • La Costa Canyon H.S., Boy's Varsity Basketball...and many more!